Part III: Fixtures and Other Needs

In the previous entries we talked about finding the right business for you. Now we are going to get into the finances of your business.  

So what are you going to need to start your business?

Today we will not talk about an actual building but what would be needed to go inside the building or other things you may need.

Some items to take into consideration:

Fixtures: What kind of fixtures are you going to need? If you’re running a store you may need display racks, display cases, clothing racks, cash register or POS system, etc.

Office Furniture: If you will just have a office then you would need just office furniture but this could include a desk, desk chair, guest chairs, rugs, file cabinets, white boards, cork boards, etc.

Computer Equipment: No matter what kind of business you’re looking to open up your going to need computer equipment. If you are starting a retail business you should consider a POS system which QuickBooks has for $1500 or more. If not then you should still have a computer to keep track of customers and finances. Remember it’s just not the computer itself but you will also need a printer, possibly a scanner, and other computer related supplies.

Other Supplies: Along with the above mentioned you need to take into consideration the supplies you will need to get started. Office supplies can consist of paper clips; file folders, pens, pencils, janitorial supplies, and much more.

This is just a basic list and will vary with the type of business you are looking to open. For fixtures and office furniture you should be able to find items used from a variety of stores that will save you money.

This will get you started. Figure out the cost of each item you’re going to need and then next week we will start working on financial statements.


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