Part 11: Organization and Mangement

The next section of the business plan is the Organization and Management.

In this section of the business plan you go into details about how your business is going to operation.

You will also want to detail all the departments your business will have. If it is just you or one other person this is not critical but if there will be multiple people running the business you will want to detail what the departments and power will they have, and how will the fit into the operation of the business.

At this point you will also want to detail the salary and benefits that people will be receiving and justifying those costs.

Have a detailed organization structure for the business. Usually you will have the CEO on top with the flow down through the different departments. You will also want a narrative description of each section, and how information will flow so that things don’t have to go through multiple layers to get things done.

Once again you will want to detail what organization form you’re going to take: sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation. You will want to name all the owners, their percentage of ownership, involvement in the business, and if a corporation what will the distribution of the stock be.

Next if there is going to be management beyond the owners you will want to detail the information from them. You will want to include their name and a good resume but that includes more detailed information. This information needs to justify what this person will be working for the business and not there just because they are a friend. If the company has been in operation for some time you will want to include years of service with the business.

Finally if you are going to have a board of directors you will want to follow all the above details with explanations on why they were chosen for the position and what they bring special to the company.

Once again you can go to the Small Business Administration Website for more information.



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