Finding The Right Retail Location Part 1

Finding the Right Retail Location Part 1:

OK, you are ready to start your business, one of the first questions you need to ask si where you want to locate your business.

The first question that needs to be asked is: who is your market?

Is your main customer going to be the Business Person who will primarily do business with you Monday-Friday?

Is your main customer an empty nester that would be shopping with you any day of the week?

Is your customer base high or low income?

Will most of your customers come into the store or will you primarily do business on-line (example: selling on eBay)?

Will your customers be need or want driven?

Where are your competitors?

What type of building will be right for you.

You need to figure out your customer so that you know the right location for your business.

In part two which will be posted next week I will go over the various types of buildings that you could locate your business in. In part three I will discuss property owners and what to look for in a relationship with a property owner.

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