Amazon's Customer Service

Amazonís Customer Service

We talked about return policies in a previous post. Here is a customer's opinion of Amazon's return policy. Would your customer blog about you???

Forma Line: "I love Amazon.com
When I arrived home from work last Monday, I couldn't connect to my wireless network. I assumed it was Comcast crapping out again, but a call to their customer service (which has generally been good) identified the problem as being my wireless router.

I spent the next two nights performing all sorts of resets, hard resets, and firmware uploads, but I couldn't get the router to respond. I spoke with a nice guy in India and we determined that the router was defective. This was Thursday night.

I bought the router from Amazon.com back in late November, so I knew I could reprint a copy of the invoice. When I looked up the order in my purchase history, I saw a link next to the record which said 'return this item.' That's what I wanted to do. It took less than 2 minutes to fill out the form.

The next morning, I received an email message from Amazon. They told me they were shipping a new router to me via 2-day UPS and that I needed to send the faulty router back to them within 30 days. They included a prepaid label for the box.

The router arrived at my office this morning. My old router is on the way back. My wireless network is up and running again. It didn't cost me anything and it couldn't have been much more convenient.

A few weeks ago, I bought a moderately expensive coffee maker from them. When it arrived, it was too tall to fit under my kitchen cupboards. I should have measured it, but I didn't. It was my own stupid fault. But they refunded me the entire purchase price and reimbursed me for the shipping costs I paid to send it back.

That's why I love Amazon. I probably would have put up with a bit of hassle on both of these transactions and continued to do business with them. But, they made it ridiculously easy.

So, I'll continue to spend more money with them than I can possibly justify.

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