A Fresh Coat of Paint

 Fresh Coat of Paint....

What do you think when you walk into the average K-Mart? At least the ones I go into I think how dirty and old they look. The reason for this is that they desperately need a coat of paint and they need to have a different color besides white.

One of the bright ideas that K-Mart corporate got when they took over Sears was to change K-Mart stores into a new concept called Sears Essentials. However, the best way to describe the change was putting lipstick on a pig and even that is an overstatement. Little was done except to put on new signs and change uniforms. Otherwise most of the stores were not changed. Last year I had the opportunity to go into a Sears Essential (there are none in my area) and after walking in the door it was nothing but a worn out K-Mart.

One of the best things you can do to keep your store looking nice is the apply a fresh coat of paint frequently (by frequently I don't mean every month but every year or so will do wonders). When you consider how nice you store looks after a fresh coat of paint the cost and hassle is minor. The paint does not cost that much and the hassle is not that big if you have a plan put together.

When painting why consider a color other than white? Simple white is too plain and it looks dirty more quickly than some other soft colors you can use. Find a good paint color that matches your store's theme and niche and go for it.

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