What about a blog?

 What about a blog?

Many businesses (obviously including myself) have started blogs to keep their customers more informed and hopefully bring customers to their website and business.

I highly recommend a blog as an additional form of promotion. So what can you do with a blog?

-You can have a weekly newsletter or article on your products and services including how to articles that assist your customers.
-Inform you customers when new products arrive so they can be the first to get them.
-Post articles of relevance to your customers and your business.
-Let your customers know about important sales, special events or times you may be closed due to special circumstances.

When I first started my blog I was amazed how easy it truly was. I just went to blogger.com which is the service I use, there is a link to start a blog, then you pick out a template and get started. Also there is areas where you can post links and descriptions about yourself and your company. There is many blogging services available but from my experience so far, Blogger is about the easiest I have found.

Just remember to have fun!!

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